Zoë Sluijs

(What Happened When) I Stopped Pretending To Know

Zoe Sluis-omarmen-zonder-pedistol-niet-vererenThe photographic series by Dutch photographer Zoë Sluijs examines the human relationship with uncertainty. The images confront the audience with the universal lack of certainty by showing situations of multiple failed attempts to understand the world. The series is not intended to explain or reveal anything. It just shows how someone could respond to the idea that you will never know the answer to important questions.

Zoë Sluijs (1998)

Dutch visual artist Zoë Sluijs investigates what it means to be human and how we relate to nature, each other and ourselves. She builds extensive sets and compositions as performances in which every action influences the end result. Sluijs lives and works in Breda where she will graduated from the Sint Joost art academy in 2020. She has a Bachelor of Photography from the University of Leeds, her work has been exhibited at various events and podia in the Netherlands.

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