Zhang Wenxin

Beast by the Waterfall Guesthouse

2014 – ongoing

The-Guesthouse-of-Cascades-Zhang-WenxinBeast by the Waterfall Guesthouse is a photographic fiction as well as a reconstruction of the photographers childhood memories. Zhang: “I used to fantasise the world as a sleeping beast, who was gigantic, bizarre, and quiet. I was able to imagine it as my secret friend, regardless of its wishes. The silence of the beast was an umbrella, shielding off most truths of the world. Everywhere was but a strange land waiting to be explored and discovered. Since I have entered the process of adult socialisation, my view of the world changed, from a given and relatively static universe, to an ever-moving, progressing ribbon that needs to be pursued. This caused the loss of one mental dimension. To find my lost dimension back, I escaped from my routine life and started my trip of getting lost.”

Memory Caustics


Memory Caustics (2017) explores the tension between human memory and computer memory.
Utilising photographs from her past journeys as texture, the artist reconstructs the places in the photographs by 3D modelling. At the same time, a virtual character walks, drinks, sleeps, swims and flies in these places, so that the artist’s own experience of time is transplanted on the virtual character.

Zhang Wenxin (b. 1989, Hefei, China)

Zhang Wenxin sees herself as a land surveyor. She uses traditional and technical images, linear and poetic writing, as well as soundscape and cartographic tools. These maps are open to personal experiences. She received her MFA degree at California College of the Arts in 2013. In her work she utilises video, photography and installation, as well as a combination of writing and music to create process-oriented perceptual experiences that usually start from everyday life. She received the Magnum Foundation Atlantic Philanthropies Grant in 2016, and was selected as British Journal of Photography’s 2016 New Talent.

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