Zadok Ben-David

Conversation Peace

Zadok Ben-DavidThe video installation by Israeli artist Zadok Ben-David shows two stationary silhouettes of people bent towards each other. Whether they are in conversation or in conflict is unclear. In the silhouettes, a sensual narrative plays out, starting with a lovely landscape that slowly becomes a raw war zone. At the same time, the sound track of charming bird sounds becomes a hard and tense pulse. This project was first shown during the Light Festival in Jerusalem in 2015. In his work, the artist regularly refers to nature, magic and illusion and he uses parts of earlier creations such as ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ and ‘Blackfield ‘in this work.

Zadok Ben-David (1949)

Born in Yemen and raised in Israel, Zadok Ben-David currently lives and works in the UK. In his artistry he mainly uses sculpture and works in either miniature or in monumental format. He represented Israel at the 1988 Venice Biennale and has exhibited his work at many exhibitions worldwide. He plays with the perception of his audience and is fascinated by magic, illusion and nature. His work, which consists of installations, sculptures and art in public space, has the overarching theme of human nature and evolution.

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