Work in progress: Artists in Residence

"We are here for three weeks now, but it looks like a year!", Nora Hazhaz says enthusiastically. "In the spring, I heard that I had been selected to be one of the artists in residence at BredaPhoto together with 7 recently graduated students. We are a close group in which I feel confident and safe to do what I want. We challenge each other, talk a lot and encourage each other to make our work as personal as we want.”

On their way to inspiration

They come from seven international academies, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic. During the day, they have their place at ‘Witte Rook’ on the Liniestraat; they spend the night at the ‘Klooster’ in the city center. “Wonderfully quiet”, they say about it. “We do nothing but jump on the bike on the way to inspiration, work in our studio and enjoy an intensive time as artists in residence.”
Iryna, Miguel, Marc, Alix, Vedad, Eva and Nora are guided by their own ideas and thoughts within the framework of the theme To Infinity and Beyond. They give no interpretation of the world and society, but invite themselves and us to look for where we are going in the future.

Dozens of photographs, rough sketches, large collages, moments of silence and intense conversations. And, very important, feedback from the BredaPhoto curators and special ‘guest masters’.

Residency Witte Rook

Every Saturday from 10:00 – 17:00 hours they can be seen at work in their residence Witte Rook (White Smoke), Liniestraat 111. They work towards an exhibition of their final work, during the last week of the festival. Let’s meet!

Report and photo credits: Marian Schutte