BredaPhoto has been supported for years by enthusiastic volunteers. We are very happy with this! We also involve them at an earlier stage in the development of festival editions. Together we are building BredaPhoto!

Around 200 involved volunteers support BredaPhoto in all kinds of projects and activities, both before and during the festival. Their dedication is indispensable for the festival and makes BredaPhoto even more a place of meeting and pleasure.


Volunteers can, depending on their interests and expertise, take place in one of the many working groups that are involved in various activities. A selection from the available work groups and functions;
– production (building, lugging, DIY & organizing expo’s etc.)
– communication (social media, graphic design, copywriting, web & online etc.)
– backoffice (hospitality, administrative work, address file)
– guided tours
– hosts and ladies
– volunteer policy (managing course offer, HR)
– talent development (amateur program, student project)
– festival experience (context and experience programming)

Stay in touch

For everyone who builds on BredaPhoto, there is the internal Facebook group BredaPhoto Volunteer Group. For the BredaPhoto team to periodically (and also in the heat of the moment) to share updates, for volunteers to keep in touch with BredaPhoto and each other, and to look together at BredaPhoto 2020. On the messages that are published, there is always room for reactions, feedback, questions or ideas. In addition to the Facebook group, an internal newsletter is sent by mail (three monthly). This contains a clear summary of updates from BredaPhoto core team and from the working groups.

Something for you?

BredaPhoto is always looking for people with a passion for photography or festivals, who would like to make the festival possible with the dedicated core team. In exchange for your dedication you can go freely to all program elements of the festival and we provide lunch and a crew t-shirt. You become part of the club and enjoy a fun time with all the nice people of BredaPhoto.

Something for you? For BredaPhoto we always look for people for the construction team, guided tours, support at events, hosts and ladies and more. Send an email to We are looking forward to meet you!