The Europeans – Trixie

A larger-than-life version of myself

Trixie - The Europeans
“I grew up with showbiz. My parents worked in theatres, entertainment, cabaret, everything. I wanted to do that too, I loved it. So, when I was 18, I became a drag queen. Many of my colleagues create a whole backstory for themselves, with family, friends, an entire past. I don’t need that. I’m Brian, and in drag I’m Trixie. That’s enough. Trixie is really a larger-than-life version of myself. Trixie is the super gay version of who I already am.
“I travel all over this black country. People aren’t exposed to much here. The smaller the town or village, the more enjoyable the evenings usually are. Those people get attached to you, if you come back. And they talk about their lives, about ordinary things. In city clubs, you mostly talk about each other’s appearance. It’s very repetitive.
“It’s quite a strenuous lifestyle. The hours I work are the same hours you’d normally meet up with friends. My work is social, but still. I travel all over the country and often fly to clubs abroad. It’s fantastic but exhausting. Eventually, I want to have my own attraction, my own place for my shows, where I can perform all year round. I’m aiming to achieve that in the next ten years.”

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