The Europeans – Monika

A welcom treat

The Europeans - Monika

Every week, elderly women meet at the local Samaritans to talk, eat and drink. Today, they are celebrating Ona’s 70th birthday. The women share the lavish spread of homemade black bread, sausage and bacon fat, cakes, chocolates, coffee, tea, kvass, a traditional fermented bread drink, and cognac. Between the festive speeches, poems and songs, tears are regularly wiped away. These ladies reach the age that you see your friends dying. Where they live, many of their children went abroad, in search of a better life.
Monika, 74, attends these meetings weekly. Poverty is a major problem among this group. The state pension has not increased at the same rate as the country’s growing prosperity. As a former saleswoman, Monika’s pension is no exception. The weekly meetings at the Samaritans are a welcome treat.

The Europeans - Monika

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