The Europeans – Julius

Preparing for battle

Julius - The Europeans

Soldiers march in the woods. Countless soldiers. They are young. It is wet and cold. The seniors march ahead of the children, leading the way. “We’re preparing for life,” says a boy wearing a pin from the Riflemen’s Union. Marching, learning discipline, followed by a cup of soup and a speech from a respected veteran, Julius. He once dug bunkers in the forest with his bare hands, in the fight against all the various occupiers who overran this country.
Life is not a game. Here they have enough experience with neighbouring superpowers and occupying forces to know these paramilitaries have to be ready at any time. They have to be able to survive in the wild, just like their ancestors did. At the back of the group, a heavily tattooed man drives the support vehicle. A few years ago, he pelted a gay singer with an egg. The fight against the enemy must be fought on all fronts.

Julius - The Europeans

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