The Europeans – Eloise

Dreaming of showbiz

Everyone who grows up in these neighbourhoods, the vast expanses of stone in the black country, learns to survive, says Eloise. Many languages were spoken in her class – secret languages to Eloise, who only knew the regional language. She was bullied, beaten up and spat on. She got through it. “It makes you stronger. Ultimately, we’re all still living here, trying to find a good job, and we meet each other again and work together. It’s a tough learning experience.” She is empathetic. She saw her classmates struggling. Sometimes they did not have enough to eat or were bullied or abused themselves at home.
Eloise’s parents divorced when she was young. After some legal wrangling, she ended up with her father. She now lives with his other child, her stepbrother, who was born a girl. They are close. She cooks for him and he takes care of her. They have their own apartment, two teenagers in the black country. It is time to look ahead.
Eloise dreams of going into show business. She is a make-up artist and wants to work in theatre and film. She lights up when she talks about the creations she makes with a friend: outrageous clothes, devil’s horns, dramatic masks. She has a job in an old pub that has been turned into the local metal joint. Surrounded by loud music, black clothes, piercings and gothic make-up, Eloise is in her element. This is where her future begins.

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