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Seventh edition of BredaPhoto was a great success

After seven weeks, the seventh edition of BredaPhoto International Photo Festival 2016 has ended. The organization looks back on a very successful festival edition. Between 15 September and 30 October, the festival welcomed a total of 80.000 visitors at the exhibitions in Breda city centre and the raw Belcrum quarter.

1 November 2016
Photos: Ron Magielse
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73 photographers ● 15 indoor and outdoor locations ● 47 events ● 6 hours of rain ● 130 guided tours ● 3500 cakes over the counter ● 6 participation projects ● 2500 schoolchildren ● 150 volunteers ● 80.000 visitors

The seventh edition of BredaPhoto was about YOU. The resourceful man who is independent of the government. The 73 photographers were inspired by this theme. In their exhibitions they showed both the creativity as well as the vulnerability of the self-sustaining individual. The theme also appeared in the activity programme, in the form of lectures, talkshows, creative workshops, tours and more. The new BredaPhoto passe-partout was the general admission ticket to the festival.

Incredible high quality
Reactions of both visitors and the media on the programme were praiseful. Dutch news paper De Volkskrant appointed BredaPhoto as one of the cultural highlights of the season and appreciated the festival with five stars: “The vast majority fits in well with the festival theme and the quality is extremely high.” The highlight according to De Volkskrant was the The Absent State exhibition, a collaboration with World Press Photo. For this project, 5 photographers from 5 continents visualized the impact of the absent state in their countries.

According to visitors, another highlight was the Chassé XXL outdoor exhibition. De Faam was also a crowd favorite with, among others, the exhibition of Flemish Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer. STEK and Belcrum Beach, including the boat of Atlas Initiatief, formed the most inspiring festival locations of BredaPhoto.

Festival experience
The festival experience of BredaPhoto 2016 was enhanced by a full programme of activities and events, especially in the weekends. There was the DIY-weekend, where people could 3D-print a YOU ring out of plastic trash. There was also a weekend for the amateur photographer, with workshops and tours by professionals. International students could participate in the International Students Weekend, which offered a.o. portfolio reviews. Successful events were BrabantNacht with evening tour and boat trip, Museumstreet with walking lunch along 7 living room exhibitions, and Overslag Festival with live bands in Belcrum quarter.

BredaPhoto Talent Selection
BredaPhoto presents itself as a platform for new photographers. 170 photography students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany participated in the Academy project, from where 16 talents were selected for the festival: the BredaPhoto Talent Selection. Amongst others: Pauline Niks (NL) and Jesse Cremers (FR), who both lived at their temporary kingdom CARAVAN in the Chassépark during BredaPhoto and did interventions and invited guests there. For the first time, BredaPhoto organized an Artist in Residence programme. Seven European students worked on a gesamtkunstwerk in the Atlas Residency boat and held open studio on a weekly basis.

Through this kind of programme components, BredaPhoto generates space for exchange and connection between young and established photographers (top meets talent), but also between photographers and the general public.

New connections
In addition to the expansion of the festival to the Belcrum as a second festival area, several valuable new connections and collaborations arised. With local (social) initiatives such as Oog voor Elkaar Breda, Academie voor Beeldvorming, De Gouden Radijs and Seniorenresidentie Ruitersbos. Over 150 entrepreneurs from several business clubs were received at the festival. A total of 110 people became a member of BredaPhoto’s new friends club: Bredaphoto Friends.

BredaPhoto edition 2018
The next edition of BredaPhoto takes place from 5 September to 21 October 2018. The organization will work towards further European expansion of the Academy project, but also keeps investing in local connections. Participation projects with and for elderly people, youth, children, students and amateur photographers will be set up again in the run-up to 2018. Both Brabant C and the Province of Brabant have announced to financially support the festival in the period 2016 to 2018, which assures the development and growth of BredaPhoto International Photo Festival for the upcoming years.

Find more photos in the BredaPhoto Facebook album.

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