Seppe Vancraywinkel

Within the Bubble of Surroundings

SeppeVancraywinkelThe loose and playful images from ‘Within the Bubble of Surroundings’ show the eternal youth, playfulness and sense of adventure of the photographer and his friends. They run away from everyday life to adapt to new landscapes. The images are slightly utopian in nature, in which time seems to stand still and the friends’ attention is only for each other and their surroundings. The project is a response to everyday life in a city, with responsibilities, uncertainties and dangers. This series is itself an escape from this environment and a search for simplicity and intimacy of friendship.

Seppe Vancraywinkel (1998)

Belgian photo collector Seppe Vancraywinkel grew up in Hoegaarden, Belgium, as a member of a group of friends that has a strong bond. It is this group of friends, their interaction with each other and their environment, and their interrelationships that became the main subject of Vancraywinkel when he decided to document their lives in analog black and white photography. He is currently studying at LUCA School of Arts Campus Sint-Lukas, Brussels. His work has been published, including in MAUER, a magazine for analog photography.