Sam ten Thij

The road to school

Sam ten ThijIn short computer-animated videos, the photographer follows people on their way from their parental home to their secondary school. Each story is one of growing up and the personal relationship with the Netherlands. The stories cover issues of racism, privilege and drug abuse, and while all stories are different, they are all about isolation, alienation and the desire to belong to a community. The project is a the photographer’s response to the increased popularity of right-wing populism in the Netherlands. He searches for personal stories about the development of their relationship with the national identity.

Sam ten Thij (1994)

After various studies and a period of political activism, Sam ten Thij started photographing his immediate surroundings. This finally led to a study of photography at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. His work does not focus purely on activism, but on researching and placing contemporary philosophy, worldviews and politics in a broader context. During his studies he started to search for the boundaries of photography and nowadays mainly works with digital techniques to interpret the medium in a different way.

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