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Rob van Hoesel – The Eriskay Connection Publications

Rob van Hoesel (The Netherlands, 1974) is a Dutch graphic designer focussing on editorial and book design. In 2011 he founded The Eriskay Connection, an independent publisher focussing on contemporary storytelling at the intersection of photography, research and writing. His work is characterized by a conceptual approach, co-authorship, and the importance of meaning and accessibility. Although diverse, his work is always of service to the content and carries a recognizable signature with special attention to typography, visual editing and the technical book production. Van Hoesel has been regularly awarded at Dutch and international book design competitions.

Erik Kessels – KesselsKramer

Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, curator and communication designer,with great interest in photography. Erik Kessels is since 1996 Creative Partner of communications agency KesselsKramer in Amsterdam/London and has won many international awards with his communication work.
As an artist and curator Kessels has published over 75 books of his ‘re-appropriated’ images: Wonder (2003), in almost every picture (2001-2020), Shit (2018) and Read Naked (2019). Since 2000, he has been an editor of the alternative photography magazine Useful Photography and has written the international bestseller Failed It! He has taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam), Écal (Lausanne), Raffles (Milan) and at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture where he curated a celebration of amateurism.
Kessels made and curated exhibitions such as Loving Your Pictures, Mother Nature, 24HRS in Photos, Album Beauty, Unfinished Father and GroupShow. He als co-curated an exhibition called From Here on together with Martin Parr, Joachim Schmid, Clement Cheroux and Joan Fontuberta.
In 2010 Kessels was awarded with the Amsterdam Prize of the Arts, in 2016 nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. Until 2019 his mid-career retrospective was shown in Turin, Düsseldorf, Budapest and he exhibited recently in the SFMOMA. He was called “a visual sorcerer” by Time Magazine and a “Modern Anthropologist” by Voque (Italia).
For more information: and Instagram: erik.kessels

Femke Rotteveel – Fotodok

Director at Fotodok, an international platform for documentary photography based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Femke Rotteveel is a historian with a beta profile, generalist, connects with a large (inter)national network of photographers, social organizations and entrepreneurs. Femke is convinced that stories are a very important force for realizing social change.
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Iris Sikking – Independent curator

Iris Sikking (1968) is an independent curator, educated as a film editor and a photo historian. As a curator and author, she positions herself in the overlapping fields of photography and video art with a focus on a cinematic approach and creating narrative structures. For 15 years now, she has conceived exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to her curatorial projects, she carries out portfolio reviews, serves on multiple competition juries, and was recently appointed to the advisory committees of the Mondriaan Fund and Stroom Den Haag. She is also a tutor at the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost (Breda, NL).
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Heide Hausler

Heide Häusler (*1977) studied Art History and Philosophy. She has held posts as a curator and project manager at the Stadtmuseum in Düsseldorf, the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, and at the Museum Morsbroich in Leverkusen, among others. There, most recently she curated “Next Generations” (2019) and is preparing an exhibition bearing the title “From A to B” about autobahns and data flows for the end of 2020. From 2009 until 2016 she was exhibition director of Fotofestival Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg (now Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie). Since 2013 she is managing director and artistic director of Internationale Photoszene Köln.