Reviewers September 19, 2020

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Jim Casper – Editor-in-Chief / LensCulture

Jim Casper is the editor-in-chief of LensCulture, one of the leading online destinations to discover contemporary photography from around the world. As an active member in the contemporary photography world, Casper organizes annual international photography events, travels around the world to meet with photographers and review their portfolios, curates art exhibitions, writes about photography and culture, lectures, conducts workshops, serves as an international juror and nominator for key awards, and is an advisor to arts and education organizations.
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Mohamed Somji – Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai

Mohamed is the Director of Gulf Photo Plus, a Dubai-based photography gallery and community
organization. In addition to offering a wide range of photography educational and art programs,
the organization hosts a week-long annual event that draws the world’s preeminent talent in
photography and hosts events and activities with a view to nurturing and developing
photography talent in the region.
His personal work aims to provide a critical commentary on social issues and challenge
established forms of visual representation of people and places.
Mohamed Somji, born in Tanzania in 1976 and moved to Dubai a month later and has lived
there since, with a short interlude in the US to pursue a degree in Business Administration and
Marketing. He quit his corporate career in 2006 to take up photography professionally and his
current practice focuses on documenting architectural projects in and around the MENA region.
Mohamed Somji is also one of the International Associated Curators of BredaPhoto Festival.
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Jan Hoek – artist & curator

The Dutch artist and writer Jan Hoek graduated from the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and is known for his often controversial work in which he plays with stereotypes and imaging. He portrayed a former addict in Amsterdam as a supermodel, taxi drivers from Nairobi as movie stars and had 30 tattoo artists put a self-portrait of themselves on his body. In his projects, het lets people who are often ‘invisible’ play a prominent role. Jan Hoek’s work has been exhibited at exhibitions worldwide and he sells his work through his own website, whereby the buyer’s income is decisive for the selling price.
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Heleen Peeters – Documentary Photographer & Picture Editor at NRC, The Netherlands

Heleen Peeters (1988, Belgium) studied photography at the London College of Communication in the United Kingdom, after which she obtained a master’s degree in media studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Since 2010 Heleen has been working as a freelance photographer on long-term documentary projects. She has a strong interest in social frameworks and their historical contexts. In addition to her own practice, Heleen is active as picture editor for the Dutch quality newspaper NRC, and regularly works as a freelance project manager for cultural organisations; such as Paradox and De Donkere Kamer Belgium.
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