Renée Paule

21st Century Archetypes

Renée PauleIn his theory of the human mind, the famous psychologist Carl Jung used the concept of archetypes. He believed that universal, mythical characters or archetypes lie in the collective unconscious of people and reflect the fundamental patterns of our human experience. Jung distinguished twelve primary types including the Creator, the Wise Man and the King. In a series of conceptual portraits, Paule creates archetypes that connect to a world that is changing rapidly and continues to develop. The Fashion Conscious Activist, the Spiritual Addict and the Tech Savior are examples of the new archetypes of our current society.

Renée Paule (1998)

Fashion and art photographer Renée Paule focuses with her work on creative processing of images. She photographs for various models and makes editorial work for magazines such as Subbacultcha Magazine and Knack Weekend Magazine. Renée Paule is currently studying at KASK, Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp.

During BredaPhoto Renée Paule exhibits in the Chassé Park.

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