Response to the pamphlet by Koos de Jongh

BredaPhoto Festival shows the state of the art of contemporary photography on the basis of a socially relevant and international recognizable theme. A pamphlet, outlining the direction for BredaPhoto 2020, is the starting point for an in-depth discussion to determine the final theme for BredaPhoto Festival 2020. Koos de Jongh, volunteer BredaPhoto Festival, reflects on the pamphlet.

An important topic is, in my opinion, the increasing differences between levels of income, taxation laws (and their evasion by companies) and the role of banks and multi-nationals.

A few comments on this:

  • Frans Timmermans wants – and strives towards – a more ‘social’ Europe in which multi-nationals and banks have less influence.
  • Thomas Piketty wrote an interesting book on the differences between levels of income: “Le Capital au XXIe siècle” (Capital in the Twenty- First Century). He presented his assertions to the House of Representatives in the Netherlands.
  • Joris Luyendijk wrote a book about banking and banking practices in London entitled “Dit kan niet waar zijn” (This cannot be true!).
  • Alexander Schimmelbusch, an ex-banker, wrote the spectacular novel “Hochdeutschland” (High Germany) about the operations of banks, banking practices, bonuses and arrogance. (NB! the German-language novel is not available in English, but it has been translated into Dutch under the title “Opperduitsland”)

I wonder whether there is a photographer like Mathieu Asselin who addresses these issues?

For me it seems that these apparently unrelated subjects more and more often – and an increasingly pregnant meaning – lead to a clearer view of the trends and a clearer vision of where they lead to.

What and who steers our society, how does that happen and based on which arguments?

Koos de Jongh
Volunteer at BredaPhoto