Reflection on the pamphlet by Frank Hoenjet

BredaPhoto Festival shows the state of the art of contemporary photography on the basis of a socially relevant and international recognizable theme. A pamphlet, outlining the direction for BredaPhoto 2020, is the starting point for an in-depth discussion to determine the final theme for BredaPhoto Festival 2020. Frank Hoenjet, Conservator / Curator modern and contemporary art, Museum Helmond - Kasteel + Kunsthal, reflects on the pamphlet.

First off all: I think you’re brave to define and describe the theme’s subject matter in this way.

So, what are you doing? You’re turning up and uncovering a lot of issues. The first reaction would be: you’re covering far too many issues. All symptoms of a new world, a world in transition.

But when I read it all, I think: just go ahead with that project in 2020. It’s better to take a risk and get it wrong than to tackle a smaller theme. Quite honestly, I like your approach to this!

There’s a better chance that the project doesn’t go wrong at all; there’s a serious chance that you can make a very successful edition of BredaPhoto with the subject matter that you raise in the pamphlet.

Because you cover so many topics, it’s perhaps a good idea to summarize the whole project in 5-6 sentences in your synopsis of BredaPhoto. So that there’s a sense of clarity: this is what’s happening in our world now.

Personally, it does me good to read that the topic growth economy needs to be revised; back in the 1980’s, I used to talk about the growth economy with friends but the idea that the economy didn’t grow was considered absurd and unrealistic; I’m curious as to which photo projects will be presented on this theme.

I wish you much wisdom and success with this upcoming BredaPhoto edition!

Frank Hoenjet
conservator / curator modern and contemporary art
Museum Helmond – Kasteel + Kunsthal