A walking seven-course lunch in ‘Museum Street’
Visit 7 living room exhibitions

25 September & 30 October
12:00 – 15:00h

Belcrum is the hotspot in Breda for start­ups and artists. It’s a posi­tive example of YOU: self-­reliance leading to creativity. The Speel­ huislaan has always been an important street in the former industri­al area of Belcrum. Nowadays it connects the new train station with exciting places like Belcrum Beach, STEK and Electron.

With materials from the city archives, students of AKV | St. Joost made work on Breda and Belcrum. It’s exhibited in seven living rooms in the Speelhuislaan and can be visited in combination with a walking seven­-course lunch, prepared by vegan caterer De Gouden Radijs.

During the festival, the Speelhuislaan is a ‘Museum Street’, with images from every photo series. It makes for an even more pleasant walk to exhibitions in and around Belcrum Beach and De Faam.