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Human Rights Tattoo

Human Rights Tattoo
Outside exhibition in the Willemstraat

3.300 people let Sander van Bussel (NLD) tattoo one letter from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He wants to raise attention for this important text and is now halfway through the total of 6773 letters. It’s the first photo exhibition of all tattoos and some portraits.


Tattoo Family Assembly
Sun 2 October / 13:30 – 17:30 / Stadsgalerij
Meet the people who carry the declaration together with you, and get your portrait taken.

Close Encounters
Sander van Bussel on Human Rights Tattoo

Sun 2 October / 16.30 / Stadsgalerij
Sander van Bussel wants to tattoo each of the 6773 letters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on as many bodies. He is currently halfway and shares his experience.

BP2016 Sander van Bussel - HRT lo-res Chit Hnin Wai

BP2016 Sander van Bussel - HRT lo-res David Ndungu - Kenia