FREE STATE MOTI – Jaap Scheeren & Coralie Vogelaar

Jaap Scheeren – My house
A house is a safe cocoon, the only place where a person can really be free. For BredaPhoto and MOTI, Jaap Scheeren (NL) made the installation My House. Inside, you’ll see a man who falls into 10.000 eggs in slow motion and prints made with his grandmother’s ashes.

Coralie Vogelaar – Recognized/Not Recognized
Why are some news photos so successful compared to others? For BredaPhoto and MOTI, wondered Coralie Vogelaar (NL) analysed 850.000 news images with the help of image recognition and eye-tracking software. She translated her findings in a surprising video-installation.

VRIJSTAAT MOTI is on show from September 15 until December 31, 2016.