Professional feedback and awards for photography talents – Portfolio Reviews

Surprised and radiant received Judith Helmer her first prize, a full frame camera worth € 3,500- made available by Nikon. "I am so happy with this fantastic price! And that in addition to receiving the biggest appreciation and attention you wish as a young photographer: seen and be judged by professionals!"

Work reviewed by professionals

As part of the Professionals Week, students and advanced photographers from near and far came to Breda to show their work and to be reviewed by 18 professional reviewers in the field of photography, art and the publishing world. Big names, including Jim Casper of LensCulture, Yumi Goto (curator from Japan), Jaoachim Naudts (curator of FoMu Antwerp) and Úna Henry (Director AKV St Joost Breda).

The program is part of the International Talent Program of BredaPhoto. The program includes the so called Academy project; a collaborative project with 8 Academies from the EU. More than a year, an active exchange program with the international students is being worked on. A number of young talents are selected for the festival. The young talents are an integral part of the exhibitions, in addition to the work of renowned photographers. This way, young talent also gets a stage. In addition, there is a residence with graduate artists and thus a portfolio review.

Open and warm atmosphere

The atmosphere on the day of the reviews was warm and open. One spoke with each other, looked at each other´s work, admired and learned. A final-year student told how she felt supported by the feedback: “This day helps me to find the direction in my final year topic. The essence of what I want, is suddenly much closer.” Professional photographer Andrej Glusgold summed up the day: “I saw a lot of talent. In varying degrees. From early stages to far developed. BredaPhoto gives photography talents the unique opportunity to present and challenge themselves.”

Great prizes by Nikon and ZEISS

Judith Helmer won first prize, a full frame camera worth € 3,500- made available by Nikon. The runner-up, Miyuki Okuyama, was extremely happy with a lens of your choice made available by ZEISS, with a value of €1,500-. The third prize, was won by Kenji Chiga. He may present himself in LensCulture Magazine.

Photo credits: Marian Schutte