Pauline Niks & Jesse Cremers

CARAVAN – bending & stretching the rules since 2015 is a mobile platform for artistic productions. In January 2015, the founding members and artists Pauline Niks and Jesse Cremers went to Stockholm with their homegrown caravan. The house on wheels – with wood stove – was the ideal base for a stay of six months. People were curious and there was easily made contact with residents near the caravan. This interaction was a breeding ground for new artistic work, such as photographs, sculptures and performances.

In Sweden, however, the duo was also confronted with the detached ‘corporate culture’ of companies like Vasakronan. In response, Pauline and Jesse decided to organize their caravan also as a company, as to provide a response to the corporate culture of our contemporary society. CARAVAN became a real ‘brand’, including a corporate identity, logo, business clothing, et cetera.

For BredaPhoto 2016 CARAVAN presents the series Some Ideas, and the caravan itself, which is exhibited in an outdoor location. Some ideas are documented ‘in between’-moments. These give an insight into Jesse’s world, where every day new things are invented and re-invented.


BP2016 Pauline Niks : Jesse Cremer lo-res 2