Axel De Marteau

In Untitled.Prototype De Marteau explores the concept of ‘within’, in its most essential forms. To create forms of a within, one needs three basic elements: a floor which ensures that we do not directly have to live on the bare floor, a wall which separates inside from outside and assures the privacy of the within, and a ceiling which closes the structure and isolates it from the ‘upper world’.

De Marteau’s video-performance can be seen as a ‘study’ of forms. With cheap and found construction materials, he creates and discovers the within according to the three elementary construction forms: square, rectangle and triangle. The studio, where the work is conducted, emphasizes that the constructions are just forms of ‘within’, nothing more. It is useless to see them as a form of housing, like it is also useless to create a form of within, within a studio which already is a form of a ‘within’.