Antoine Wagner

Creatives in Exil

Antoine Wagner (United States, 1982) is an Artist and Filmmaker. His multidisciplinary work focuses on the visualization of sound and the space created between the artwork and the spectator.

For his exhibition Creatives in Exil, he chose the medium of photography. He paired landscapes of the Swiss mountains, that were a major source of inspiration for exiled composers of the 19th century, with portraits of over twenty emigre artists living in Hamburg today. The men and women in the photos come from Colombia, Syria, China and seventeen other countries, and went through a great ordeal before settling in Germany. Wagner portrayed them en face against a neutral grey background, leaving a “void” above their heads, giving them room for movement. The Voelkerkunde Museum of Hamburg and local consulates helped the artist source and meet his subjects.

Wagner told the Hamburger Abendblatt of his solo exhibition Exil (2015) in the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg: “From exile a creative force originates that adds something new to both cultures.”

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