Anika Neuß

The American woman Shirley Ardell Mason (1923 – 1998) had a dissociative identity disorder, a psychiatric condition in which a person experiences multiple personalities. Shirley had sixteen alter-egos, each with its own identity, appearance and age. Some alter-egos were good friends, while others were not or didn’t even know each other.

Anika Neuß visualized Shirley’s 16 alter-egos in het project Delusion. The Phenomenological Case of Sybil Isabel Dorsett. She became fascinated with her story after she had read the book Sybil (1973), which Shirley became widely known for. She portrayed people with attributes and attitudes that refer to the people in the head of Sybil. Subsequently, she projected Shirley’s face, derived from a photograph from 1941, on the portraits. This creates one new person out of two.