Partnership Fujifilm and BredaPhoto Festival

Fujifilm Europe B.V. has become a corporate sponsor of the BredaPhoto Festival On Monday 28 May this was confirmed with the signing of a sponsorship agreement.

Strengthen each other’s brands

The collaboration will connect both parties with the aim of strengthening each other’s brand. In addition to a financial contribution, the partnership offers new possibilities for the festival for printing photos for the festival. In addition, Fujifilm products are used for educational projects, such as the Fujifilm Instax cameras. The collaboration is also used for the International Talent Program for Young Professionals and in the Masterclass for amateur photographers.


Fujifilm is originally a photographic producer of photo paper and offset plates. Fujifilm makes high-quality types of photo paper and has the most advanced printing techniques. Fujifilm is also a developer of new successful products such as the INSTAX camera, which is currently a big hype among young people. The brand is highly regarded by professional photographers. Fujifilm Europe B.V. is based in Düsseldorf (Germany).

About the cooperation

Richard van den Bergh, Business Manager Photo Imaging Products: “With the festival, we are expanding our playing field and reaching a new generation in a different way. There is growing interest in printing on paper and making the image tangible. Fujifilm wants to consciously focus on an international audience. The partnership with BredaPhoto fits in with that ambition.”

Theo Andriessen, business leader BredaPhoto Festival: “We feel strengthened that a global brand such as Fujifilm is joining our festival. Such partnerships confirm our international name and ambition. In addition to the financial component of this partnership, the specialist knowledge and contacts of Fujifilm are of great value to us.”