Outdoor locations Chassé Park, XXL Promenade & 3Sec Gallery

Chassé Park & XXL Promenade | several locations | open all week | free entrance

In the Chassépark and the XXL Promenade, numerous exhibitions can be admired in this edition of BredaPhoto too.
Think of XXL photos of melting glaciers by the duo Klaus Thymann & Simon Norfolk, strong women in Colombia by Raquel van Haver and activists in the central square of Hong Kong by the American Todd Darling.

Walking through the park itself, you will encounter work by various other photographers. For example, Michal Iwanowski, who grew up in Poland and had lived in Wales for 12 years, takes the graffiti text “go home Polish” literally and walks from Wales to his native Poland. M’hammed Kilito shows a completely different picture of Morocco with his portraits of Moroccan youth.

An overview of photographers exhibiting in the Chassépark and the XXL Promenade is included below.

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