Newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ gives BredaPhoto Festival 2018 five stars

After de Volkskrant gave BredaPhoto Festival 5 stars in 2016, the bar was high for the edition of this year. We had hoped for it but did not dare to dream it: this year too, the Volkskrant culture editors gave the festival 5 stars!

The headline of the Wednesday edition of September 19th made us blush: “Five stars for the BredaPhoto Festival about the future and technology: very special works that keep you captivated”. Reviewer Arno Haijtema visited the festival earlier and visited both the exhibitions in the festival heart and in the Belcrum. A short piece from his story (translated to English):

“Participating photographers have immersed themselves in what technology can mean in terms of nutrition, health, climate, cosmos exploration, biodiversity, warfare, issues that touch the future of our planet – and a potential mer à boire for the visitor who wanted a relaxed visit. But do not fear though. The compilers have chosen inspiring series (or commissioned to make them) that, although they have to do with technology most of the times this is not explicitly. The photographers focus on what technology brings about, but they also use this technology in favor of their own profession, as digitalisation has also caused landslides in photography, both in creating, editing and disseminating the work. The dangers of new technology are numerous – think of privacy violations, shifting power relations gen, alienation by robotisation – a lot of photographers do not shun the light touch and humor by any means. The quality of their work is almost without exception great. “