MVRDV designs pavilion for BredaPhoto Festival

From September 5 to October 21 the eighth edition of the leading international BredaPhoto Festival takes place. Over fifty-five established names and top talents exhibit at fifteen indoor and outdoor locations in the historic center of Breda and the hip Belcrum area. BredaPhoto is building a photo exhibition pavilion on the Chassé Promenade in collaboration with the Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV. Visitors can walk The Infinity Path and view the photography in the pavilion from different perspectives.

BredaPhoto and coherence with other art forms

The biannual BredaPhoto Festival shows the best of international, contemporary photography. Renowned artists exhibit side by side with a new generation photographers. The festival also wants to present photography in an artistically innovative and challenging way in connection with other art forms. The most recent example of this is a landmark developed by MVRDV on the Chassé parking deck.


The Chassé parking deck has been the center of the festival for years with high scaffolding constructions in which XXL photos were stretched. This center will receive a striking make-over which will make the Chassé parking deck the much-talked-about centerpiece of the festival even more than before. BredaPhoto is working together with the architectural firm MVRDV. One of the largest agencies in the Netherlands with a solid international track record, which always translates every question into an original high-profile design, think of the Markthal in Rotterdam, the Skygarden in Seoul and the Tianjin Binhai Library.

The Infinity Path

MVRDV designed The Infinity Path: a temporary open-air museum, an architectural commentary and a temporary landmark for Breda. The Infinity Path covers the entire size of the square on the Chassé Promenade. The open structure – the pavilion has no roof – makes room for the photography with its walls. In total, the installation will be about 500 meters long; the highest point is 6 meters. This makes The Infinity Path a real attraction: a lookout point where the public can walk to view the works from a completely different perspective. MVRDV did this earlier with De Trap at the Central Station in Rotterdam, which led to a rush of visitors. The installation in Breda makes the special architecture of the square visible, by following the patterns and the slope of the square. MVRDV adds a third dimension to the lines of the original design of the square, made by West 8. Normally this pattern of lines is only visible if you look down on the square from above, but now the design is literally lifted and made visible. As a result, the lines form the walls of a temporary Bredaas photo museum without a roof.

Breda Brengt het samen

BredaPhoto Festival is an internationally respected festival and the largest photo festival in the Benelux. It is seen by the municipality of Breda as one of the gems of Cultural Breda. City Marketing intends to give the festival a prominent place in the international profiling of Breda. The Infinite Path shows that city, business, and cultural organizations work together on a Breda that brings together and connects quality and accessibility, both national and international, innovation and tradition, top and talent.


In addition to the municipality of Breda, the Rotterdam architectural firm MVRDV is one of the partners in the project. Via Latus (the Breda construction related network organization) is involved in the realization. Project developer Synchroon and Heijmans – a company in real estate, residential construction, utility, and infrastructure – will also make a substantial contribution. In addition, an appeal was made to the business community in Breda and Brabant. With their support for this project, the international and innovative profile of BredaPhoto and Breda will receive a strong boost.