Mongolian  images and sounds on Belcrum Beach

The photographs of photographer Daesung Lee (to be seen on Belcrum Beach until October 21st) will receive a very appropriate musical accompaniment on Sunday October 14th with a special concert by the Flemish duo Linde.

For his series ‘Futuristic Archeology’, Korean Lee captured the changing landscape of Mongolia in meters-wide poetic images, the Flemish singer / guitarist Linde Muylaert studied the rich folklore and music of the same country and integrated it in her Western style of music. It is no coincidence that these Mongol images and sounds will flow together on the Breda urban beach on October 14th.


In 2017 Linde was elected ‘Muzikante Van het Jaar’ by the Belgian organization of artists Playright. Awarded 2nd place in the final of Rockvonk in Het Depot, where she as a duo under her name (with guitarist Jeroen Huyzentruyt) have been artists in residence since 2018. In the summer of this year Linde opened the stage of De Voute at Festival Dranouter.

From the jury report of Playright:
“With her Bachelor’s thesis -Linde: a confrontation of Mongolian culture and music with my own Western music- Linde, a very talented and intuitive singer, has been able to create a world of her own. Her songs were preceded by a comprehensive research process in which Linde immersed herself in the rich folklore of Mongolia and acquired the Mongolian culinary techniques. And yet the voice is undeniably Linde. We see an artist who has her own perspective on everything she has learned during the performance. “

Linde plays neofolk / babypunk with worldly influences. Backed by guitarist Jeroen, she searches intuitively unexpected places with her own voice. In the spring of 2018 they released an EP with Mongolian inspired music, a first stage of what promises to be a colorful voyage of discovery.

“Linde is different! She is a maverick in musical terms, she brings poetry that is wrapped in Mongolian sounds that she screams loudly. “(Atelier32-B)

“Linde brings wonderful singersongwriter / folk songs that deserve a quiet room, with her introverted music she gives you the feeling that you can enter on socks in something special.” (The Next Gig-NL)

“When you hear Linde speaking it sounds like a little shy bird, but once she starts singing it turns out to be someone with the voice volume of a lion, intelligent lyrics that she combines with guitar sounds with effects so that there is a
magic sound wallpaper. It went through marrow and bone. “(Luminous Dash-B)

Images and sounds from Mongolia
Sunday 14 October | 15.00 hrs
Belcrum Beach | Veilingkade 12-15, Breda
Admission free (in good weather between the photos, in bad weather inside, but beware: limited space)