Michal Iwanowski

Go Home Polish

Michal IwanowskiMichal Iwanowski’s slightly absurd series shows self-portraits and landscapes taken during a 105-day hike from Cardiff, Wales to Mokrzeszów in Poland. During the Brexit discussion in the UK, the photographer recalled a graffiti text that read ‘Go Home, Polish’ that he had seen in 2008 during the economic crisis, in Cardiff, his home town of seven years. The text made him think about the concept of ‘home’. It inspired him to undertake this journey: in the straightest possible line on foot from Wales to Poland. He crossed Wales, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic and discussed the cocept of ‘home’ with the people that he encountered along the way. Interested people could follow his journey via Instagram and respond to his posts.

Michal Iwanowski (1977)

Michal Iwanowski has both a British and Polish passport and has lived and worked in Cardiff, Wales since 2001. Memory, landscape and the role of the photographic image all play an important role in his work. For example, he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle who walked 2,200 kilometers in 1945, fleeing from a Russian prisoner of war camp back to their home in Poland. A personal connection with his subjects is crucial for the photographer, through which he skillfully combines documentary and conceptual visual language into a whole.

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