M’hammed Kilito

Among You

M'Hammed KilitoWith his direct and classic portraits of Moroccan youth, the photographer tries to provide insight into the choices and dilemmas regarding their personal identity. He combines the portraits with scenes from daily life from Morocco into diptychs. In doing this he also visually places his subject in that country. These young people take matters into their own hands and stand behind the choices they have made, despite the often traditional and conservative society in which they live. Kilito sees them as a palm tree in the harsh Moroccan climate: despite everything, they proudly stand up regardless of the opposition from various sides.

M’hammed Kilito (1981)

Cultural identity is an important theme for the Russian-born photographer M’hammed Kilito. In his projects, he seeks answers to universal questions such as how free we are to determine our own future, the fear of the ‘other’, but also the role of inspiration in his own creative process. He studied political science in Canada and took part in the Eddie Adams Workshop for documentary photography. He lives in Rabat, Morocco and works mainly for newspapers and magazines including El País and The Washington Post. His work is exhibited worldwide at festivals.

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