Mateo Ancis

The Planpincieux Glacier

Mateo AncisThe Planpincieux Glacier is located in the Mont Blanc massif and moves by an average of 30 to 50 centimeters per day in summer. However, in 2019, an acceleration was observed, following which authorities warned about part of the glacier breaking off. In that case, a total of 250,000 m3, comparable to the volume of 100 Olympic swimming pools, would come loose. Ancis’ timelapse video shows the glacier between sunrise and sunset with the undertone of a threatening collapse, which will happen sometime.

Mateo Ancis (1998)

Mateo Ancis is a landscape photographer who focuses on making images during long walks on foot through inhospitable landscape. Although not a climate activist, he cannot ignore the consequences of climate change. Ancis lives in and works from Leuven where he is currently studying photography on the Narafi campus of the LUCA school of Arts.

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