Masters of the Masterclass

Although the theme To Infinity and Beyond raises heavy thoughts, the opening of the exhibition of the participants of the Masterclass could be called a party! Sunlight poured into the Stadsgalerij and gave a festive touch to a moment that the exhibitors will remember for a long time. The ten photographers who share their work with the world in the Stadsgalerij during BredaPhoto 2018, thanked each other for the inspiration, their teachers for the guidance and their family and friends for the encouragement.

Nice words

Mariska van Zutven, one of the three teachers of the Masterclass Course, speaks to the photographers and guests: “The participating photographers of the Masterclass Course could have chosen from themes like our existence, our behavior, our environment and the survival of the human being. But in addition to these ideas, with each individual photographer it is about a victory over yourself. About that you successfully mastered the theme in 6 months. And in the meantime, you have further developed your skills and managed to increase them.” Beautiful words that ended with an applause.

Intentions of the photographers

In the short film ‘Minds on Mute’ Annick Timmermans visualizes how people will perish that have become unusable in our society. The series ‘Wonder Room: Homo Artificialis’ by Cara Louwman shows the technology that settles in our bodies as contemporary still lifes. In the series ‘Seed in Need’, Koen Schrije depicts the preservation of seeds, which are carriers of the past, of the evolution of life to this day and at the same time they are also a link to the future. In the project ‘Zoom’, photographer Merel van den Enden looks for an ideal perspective, the absolute truth, behind the bee mortality.

Something very different is the photo series ‘The New Erotic – Beyond the Flesh’ by Petra Kroon, which shows that when it comes to the porn industry, we no longer have to leave our house to have sex with someone. Then the story of Rita Verduyckt ‘To Live On’: it is a story about people and science, about success and failure, about hope and despair, but also about love over death. Selma Gurbuz fits in nicely with her series ‘Your Perfect Offspring’, in which she speculates about what happens when people start tinkering on the basis of human beings in order to exceed the natural limits and to genetically optimize human capacities.

Sieds Wijnja investigates in his project ‘A Photographer called AI’ the possibilities and shortcomings of artificial intelligence within photography. With his series ‘Breda Dystopia’ Stijn Stragier depicts five fictional visions of the future applied to Breda, according to five works by dystopian writers. Finally, there is a series ‘Food-4-Evah’ about awareness of food. Ursula van de Bunte tries to understand her own eating behavior and to find an answer to the question: could you get used to the food from the future?

Photo credits: Marian Schutte