Carl de Keyzer – Cuba La Lucha

Carl De Keyzer (Belgium, 1958) studied photography in Ghent and has been a full member of the world-famous Magnum photo agency since 1994. He is known for his extensive projects on large themes, such as Moments Before the Flood (2012), a project about climate change for which he covered the entire European coast. For his book Congo Belge (2009) he used an old Belgium travel brochure to visit remnants of the colonial past. In the eighties, he visited the Soviet Union thirteen times in order to understand homo sovieticus.

BredaPhoto shows the first large scale exhibition of his series Cuba La Lucha (2016). He stayed in Cuba for a longer period of time and found a country in transition. After decades of collectivism, the individual now comes first, leaving the Cubans to fend for themselves. To De Keyzer’s surprise, the American president Obama announced late 2014 to improve relations with the former enemy. It brought forth optimism and the hope that a new chapter in Cuban history might bring prosperity. But De Keyzer also saw the battle (la lucha) of Cubans struggling to survive, relishing memories of the socialist past. He shows disillusioned people who woke up in a bankrupt Utopia and fear that traditions will make way for consumerism.

Havana, Cuba 2015. Book 'Cuba, La Lucha'.

Havana, Cuba 2015. Book ‘Cuba, La Lucha’.