Lecture by Karel Doing about Utopia in Club Solo

Karel Doing will talk about Utopia, ecology and film, research and practice on Thursday 11 October from 20.00 to 21.30 hours. Visual artist and filmmaker Karel Doing completed a PhD in 2017 at the University of the Arts London. He will give a lecture based on his research results.

Practical elaboration of the theory

First the possible links between utopia, ecology and film are explained. This theoretical framework forms the basis of a number of proposals for an ecological film and art practice. Following this, he shows which materials and methods he uses, in a practical elaboration of the theory.

Performance Pattern/Chaos

Finally, Doing will show his performance Pattern/Chaos, a work that is part of his practice based research. In the performance Pattern/Chaos, Doing combines chaotic organic processes with the linear world of frames, optics and mechanics. Images that seem abstract at first appear to be a concrete reflection of phenomena from everyday life. The film images in the performance are made with salt, moss, branches and grass. The objects used are made from found and reused material. These objects are used to break open the cinematic framework and to make it spatial. Field shots made in the rainforest of Suriname form the basis for the soundtrack.


The lecture is in Dutch and free of charge. The address is Club Solo, Kloosterlaan 138 in Breda.
Prior to the lecture, you can visit the solo exhibition of Karel Doing.

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