Klaus Thymann & Simon Norfolk

Shroud The Rhône Glacier, Switzerland.

Ice grotto

On the Furka Pass in Southern Switzerland, there is a small shop that carves an ice grotto into the nearby Rhône glacier and charges tourists to experience inside the blue ice. It has therefore been worth their money attempting to slow the glacier’s retreat. This shop invested heavily in a special thermal blanket that has kept about 25m (82ft, in depth) of ice from disappearing, and has kept the ice grotto intact.

However, after a few harsh winters on the mountain, the blanket is starting to disintegrate. And unfortunately the method is not scaleable: we cannot do this to all the world’s ice; the gesture is as forlorn and doomed as the glacier itself. There is something insane about trying to reverse the inevitable, it is as if the glacier has wrapped itself in preparation for its own funeral.

Klaus Thymann

Klaus Thymann is a photographer, filmmaker, writer and creative director with a degree in Environmental Science. He has developed an original viewpoint having worked across a wide range of subjects and media, utilising a cross-disciplinary skill-set combining journalism, image making, mapping, documentary and exploration with a focus on contemporary issues and climate crisis. Delivering original content and installations across multiple platforms for Institutions, brands, NGOs and media.

Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk is a landscape photographer whose work over 20 years has been themed around a probing and stretching of the meaning of the word ‘battlefield’ in all its forms. As such, he has photographed in some of the world’s worst war-zones and refugee crises, but is equally at home photographing supercomputers used to design military systems or the test-launching of nuclear missiles. Time’s layeredness in the landscape is an ongoing fascination of his.