Klaus Thymann & Simon Norfolk


Shroud by Simon Norfolk and Klaus Thymann

The monumental project SHROUD shows a local Swiss initiative to stop the melting of the Rhône glacier in the Furka pass. The operators of an ice cave allow visitors to experience the overwhelming power of the ice by taking a walk in a hollow in the glacier. However, the glacier is melting rapidly and to stop this process, they wrapped the ice in a thermal blanket. After a few years, the blanket begins to fall apart, a sign that humanity is losing the fight against nature. At the same time, the entire glacier packing project is a desperate move against climate change. The images were taken using extra light and from a helium balloon, and they show the mass of ice wrapped in a shroud, ready for its own funeral.

Simon Norfolk (1963)

The architecture and landscape photographer Simon Norfolk was born in Lagos, Nigeria and studied philosophy and sociology in Britain. Recurring themes in his work are the ‘battlefield’ and the concept of ‘time and how the passage of it can be captured effectively in images. He has won many prizes at World Press Photo, Prix Pictet, he has published several books and he has exhibited his work in various museums worldwide, including the Tate Modern in London and the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas.

Klaus Thymann (1974)

Photographer, artistic director, filmmaker, and entrepreneur; Klaus Thymann combines it all with a consistent fascination for discovering, mapping and sharing new experiences. He was the youngest ever winner of the Scandinavian Kodak Gold Award in 1996 and he has also won several prizes for his commercial and autonomous work. Through his Project Pressure foundation, he collaborates with artists to visualize the consequences of climate change and to motivate people to take positive action.

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