Katrin Koenning


Swell - Katrin KoenningKatrin Koenning, a German who lives in Australia, tells documentary stories in poetic images. In her project SWELL, she tells a story about the impact of capitalism on nature. In 2015, various groups attempted to halt Australia’s largest coal mine project, the Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine. To the photographer’s anger, the government responded to this with laws that restricted environmental philanthropy and other measures aimed at maintaining the established order. In her SWELL project, Koenning presents a number of small ecological systems in the form of an installation in which she mainly wants to show their mutual cohesion and the urgency of the problems. SWELL is an ongoing project.

Katrin Koenning(1978)

German-born Katrin Koenning studied photography in Brisbane, Australia and then moved to Melbourne where she still lives and works. She works on commission and on her own projects, wherby the circumstances and her intuition create the space to tell socially relevant topics in visual stories. Koenning has exhibited her work at festivals and in museums worldwide, and she teaches at the Melbourne Photo Academy. She has won several prizes, including the Greenpeace Award in 2018 with SWELL, the project that will be exhibited at BredaPhoto.

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