Jan Hoek

Power To The Models

In collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Breda

Bruin-Parry - Jan HoekCommissioned by the Stedelijk Museum Breda and BredaPhoto, the Dutcj photographer/writer and guest curator Jan Hoek created the exhibition ‘Power to the Models’. With the theme of BredaPhoto ‘the best of times, the worst of times’ in the back of his mind, he realized that if you really want to change something then you have to approach it in a radically different way.
We consider it normal that a photographer, with his or her background and norms and values, determines how a model is photographed. The power relationship is clear: the photographer is leading, the model conforms. There is a real danger that the photo is stigmatizing or re-affirms a stereotype. But what if you turn the tables around? What if you give the power in the relationship to the role the model? Jan Hoek looked for eleven models that are often photographed in a one-sided way. He offered them the opportunity to create an image of themselves in their own way. They make the plan, manage the budget, determine the location and who the photographer is.
Power to the Models is the result: eleven installations of eleven models that include Chiara Bardelli Tonino, a photo editor of the Italian Vogue, Mohan Verstegen, a soldier who is also a queer activist,  Sylvana Simons, a politician and activist, and DJ Tiësto, a famous DJ. Other models are BaqteriaHatti ReesBruin ParryLotte van EijkIsmail IlgunChiara Bardelli NoninoJyoti WeststrateDick de Koning on display in the Stedelijk Museum Breda.

Jan Hoek (1984)

The Dutch artist and writer Jan Hoek graduated from the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and is known for his often controversial work in which he plays with stereotypes and imaging. He portrayed a former addict in Amsterdam as a supermodel, taxi drivers from Nairobi as movie stars and had 30 tattoo artists put a self-portrait of themselves on his body. In his projects, het lets people who are often ‘invisible’ play a prominent role. Jan Hoek’s work has been exhibited at exhibitions worldwide and he sells his work through his own website, whereby the buyer’s income is decisive for the selling price.

Power to the Models is a co-production of: