It’s gonna be big, sparky, extra,…everything we need in life”

Commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum Breda and BredaPhoto, the Dutch photographer/writer and guest curator Jan Hoek created the exhibition ‘Power to the Models’. With the theme of BredaPhoto 'the best of times, the worst of times' in the back of his mind, he realized that if you really want to change something then you have to approach it in a radically different way.

So he turned the tables around and gave the power to the model. He offered them the opportunity to create an image of themselves in their own way. They made the plan, managed the budget, determined the location and who the photographer was.

Lotte van Eijk

One of the models that Jan Hoek has invited is Dutch Lotte van Eijk (model in the campaign image Power to the Models). She is big and now “she is damn proud of it”. She never saw any examples of girls like her showing that you can be fat and damn sexy at the same time. She therefore took matters into her own hands and started an Instagram account. Now she is an influencer and model.

Dior’s Golden Glamour World

“Lotte embodies what we want with the exhibition,” says Jan Hoek. “She wanted to create her own image because big people never model. She created a online platform and in no time she was very successful. People taking control of their image is a development that has already been set in motion. And Lotte’s plan for “Power to the Models” was awesome! She’s making a 3D version of a Dior commercial and replacing the top model Charlize Theron with herself in the golden glamor world!

“When Jan asked me to present myself for this exhibition the way I would prefer, I immediately thought of those expensive perfume advertisements in which slim white models almost always play the leading role. These are surreal images where the money drips off. I wanted to be the focal point in such a campaign to make that world even more inclusive! ” Lotte says enthusiastically. “Inspired by Dior’s commercials, I came up with a golden world including a swimming pool surrounded by seven life-size images of myself. So you really cannot ignore me. It’s gonna be big, sparky, extra,… everything we need in life ”.