The BredaPhoto Festival Opening Week

From September 9 through September 13, 2020 – the first week of the Festival – BredaPhoto organizes a ‘Top meets Talent’ program. This program is open to international art and photography talents from all over the world. The program includes lectures and workshops by photographers whose work is exhibited at BredaPhoto Festival 2020. It gives you the opportunity to socialize with opinion leaders and influencers from the international photography scene such as independent curators, publishers, gallery owners and editors.

The International Talent Portfolio Review
As part of the Opening Week program, BredaPhoto Festival organizes the International Talent Portfolio Review on Saturday, September 12, 2020. The reviews are open to all young photo professionals and photo students. Your portfolio will be reviewed by professional photographers, gallery owners, curators, editors and publishers renowned in the world of photography.

After the reviews your portfolio will be showcased to all reviewers and to the general public, offering you the chance to get direct and extensive feedback.

The “BredaPhoto Most Talented Photographer 2020” will be selected from the participants of the International Talent Portfolio Review by the professional reviewers. In 2018 we had well-known professional reviewers such as Jim Casper (Lensculture), Alexa Becker (Kehrer Verlag), Joachim Naudts (FOMU Antwerp) and Peggy Sue Amison (Artistic Director East Wing).

You can register for the International Talent Portfolio Review from June 1 up until September 1, 2020 via our site.

BredaPhoto Festival Café
In 2020, we are hosting a Festival Café during the opening week. The Festival Café is a great place to gather and chat with the people you met during the day. Full details and program of live performances will be published in September 2020.

The BredaPhoto Festival always inspires me and often surprises me. The exhibitions present work from artists, reporters and storytellers who are very talented and extremely fluent in the language of photography. It’s a smart festival of new ideas and fresh ways of thinking — a high point for the celebration of visual culture’.
Jim Casper, founder and editor, LensCulture

 ‘A Zeiss lens as the prize was great. What’s greater was to get clear direction to my future projects from the reviewers’.
Miyuki Okuyama, participant BredaPhoto Portfolio Review