Ismail Ilgun

Ismail Ilgun – The Pester vlogger

Ismail-Ilgun“Scum of the Earth” is what Prime Minister Mark Rutte called Ismail Ilgun, when he was still making his controversial ‘Hoodvlogs’ in one of the largest disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Netherlands. And not only Rutte criticized the controversial vlogs full of street slang, young rappers and issues with the police and local residents; almost all major newspapers were outraged by this (then) 19-year-old boy of Turkish descent. In contrast to the media, Kees de Koning of hip-hop label Topnotch turned out to be a big fan and saw in his vlogs ‘the voice of a generation’. In the meantime, the former ‘pester vlogger’ has completely changed his life and he has started to actively live according to the laws of Islam. How does Ismail see himself now?