International Talent Program 2018: stepping stone for young talent

In these past years, this program has proven to be not only a preferred sup­plier of the festival program, but also a stepping stone for young photo talent. BredaPhoto is proud of the long­term partner­ships it has established with Photo Academies in the Nether­lands, Belgium and Germany and, starting this year, in Czech Republic.

Our International Talent Program includes the following three components.

1. Academy

To further develop their talent, students from seven international art academies will work on the theme of this year’s festival To Infinity and Beyond under the supervision of their teachers. Starting in September 2017, each student had the chance to work out his or her ideas and to develop projects according to the theme. Subsequently, the curators of BredaPhoto visited the academies beginning of 2018 to view and discuss the work with the students. New insights helped students to further develop, improve or change their projects. Fifty students were selected to present a final pitch in April, at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lukas) in Brussels. From all the series, films, installations and suchlike submitted, the curators selected the work of 15 students who will show their work at the upcoming festival: In todays Photographer Friday we present you the 15 talents which have been selected to present their work at the upcoming festival. Johanna AdojaanBertrand CavalierJoris DeleersnyderJudith DesmyttereTina FariftehGuilherme GeraisJonas Van der HaegenDaria Koreneva, Christoph Krause & Cyrano BentlagePatrick PollmeierDániel SzalaiSybren VanoverbergheJoris Verleg and Minghui Zheng

2. Residence

In addition to the nurturing of talents from various international academies, BredaPhoto also focuses on the development of recently graduated talent emerging onto the contemporary art market. In addition to the selection of student exhibitors, an international group of recently graduated photographers was selected to form an artists’ collective for the first six weeks of the festival. Residence attendees wil be: Iryna Zakharova (FAMU Praag), Miguel Cipriano Dos Reis (KASK Antwerpen), Marc Elisabeth (AKV | Sint Joost Breda), Alix Jacops (KASK Gent), Vedad Divovic (Fach Hochschuhle Bielefeld), Eva Beazar (LUCA School of Arts / Sint Lukas) and Nora Hazhaz  (LUCA School of Arts / Narafi).  They will be working in the workspace of Artist in Residence Witte Rook in Breda where they will give meaning to the 2018 theme.Their work will be exhibited at one of the BredaPhoto locations in the last week of the festival. The photographers will be provided with feedback from the BredaPhoto curators and special ‘guest masters’. This will allow them to expand their network and provide them with the opportunity to move forward in their careers.

3. Meetup

During the first week of BredaPhoto (September 5 until September 10, 2018), there will be a special top-meets-talents program open tointernational art and photography talents from all over the world. Talents will have the opportunity to socialize with innovators and influencers from the world of photography, such as independent curators, publishers, gallery owners and editors. A special place during this week is reserved for the International Talent Portfolio Review, open to all new emerging photographers. Their portfolio will be reviewed by renowned people in the world of photography and the curators of BredaPhoto. After the reviews, participants can display their portfolio to the professional and general public, which opens the possibility for extensive feedback. In addition, a prize (consisting of prize money and guidance, which should be used for the design of a new project) will be awarded to the most talented photographer. His or her project will be exhibited in the between-festivals-year 2019.

Participating art academies

– AKV | St. Joost, Breda (The Netherlands)
– FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld (Germany)
– FAMU| Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (Czech Republic)
– KASK School of Arts, Ghent (Belgium)
– KABK | Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (The Netherlands)
– LUCA School of Arts | campus Narafi, Brussels (Belgium)
– LUCA School of Arts | campus Sint­Lukas, Brussels (Belgium)
– Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Belgium)

Our talents

Johanna Adojaan
Bertrand Cavalier
Joris Deleersnyder
Judith Desmyttere
Tina Farifteh
Guilherme Gerais
Jonas Van der Haegen
Daria Koreneva
Christoph Krause & Cyrano Bentlage
Patrick Pollmeier
Dániel Szalai
Sybren Vanoverberghe
Joris Verleg
Minghui Zheng


For questions and information about the International Talent Program, please contact Reinout van den Bergh — curator at BredaPhoto and the head of the International Talent Program — via

Download the informative brochure of the International Talent Program here (ENG).