Hua Weicheng

The Alien Street

2015 –  ongoing

The Alien Street Hua-WeichengThe Alien Street is a copycat amusement park in Chongqing. It is rough and chaotic. Buildings of different ages and styles are juxtaposed with various contradictions and extreme things without any reason, ignoring its original aesthetics and significance. This kind of irrational and clumsy pragmatism plagiarism makes the Alien Street seem to be a magic world.

Although it is chaotic and vulgar, it provides a temporary shelter for stall vendors, scavengers, beggars, tramps, lady bodies and lunatics. The Alien Street is like a dark, moist and bacterial corner, where things unfold in a spontaneous primitive state, so as to be different from the monotonous and boring urban space maintained by the boasting of “civilisation” and “good habits” and standardised by reason and institutionalisation. On the one hand, it is a monster born of urban development; on the other hand, it shows the characteristics of deviating from modern urban civilisation.

In the summer of 2015 photographer Hua Weicheng met Sun Zhiguo who had the nickname “the emperor of the Alien Street”. In the past he had been a member of a reactionary gang in southwest China, he has been wandering in Alien Street since he was mad until it was demolished in September 2019. Xiaozhi eating hot pot is an imagery for the artist. Alien Street is like a hot pot. Xiaozhi eats it. Or Xiaozhi is like the wizard and Shaman in the magic world of the Alien Street. The project includes photography, experimental video and documentary clips shot in the park.

Hua Weicheng (b. 1974, Shaoyang, China)

Hua Weicheng graduated from the school of drama, film and television of China University of Media in 2007, and obtained a master’s degree in film science. He now works at Chongqing University. With photography, video and documentary projects he pays attention to the situation of ordinary people under the multiple pressures of political power and capitalistic logics.

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