Guo Yingguang

The Bliss of Conformity


Guo-Yingguang-Bliss-of-Conformity-2018The Bliss of Conformity is a photography-based mixed-media series that combines elements of video, installation and artist’s book. It was a two-year project based on the matchmaking corner in The People’s Park, Shanghai.

It depicts the problems faced by educated women as individuals in the reality of contemporary Chinese society, revealing a feminist’s conflicting standpoint under the influences of traditional ethics, politico-economic social transitions and individual life experiences. Starting from her own individual experience and the contemporary social experience at large, Guo Yingguang combines documentary photography and creative artistic practices to create carefully constructed, highly contrasted visual structures that challenge stereotypical notions of women in a complex socio-cultural consciousness.

The Bliss of Conformity triggered a fierce and broad discussion on Youtube and other social media platforms in 2018. Guo also received many emails, among which, were marriage proposals and some emails doubting the artist’s attitude toward marriage. The project forces us to reflect on how art works are received by different audiences and seen in different cultural contexts.

Guo Yingguang (b. 1983, Beijing, China)

Guo Yingguang studied photography at the Communication University of China in Beijing. She worked as a photojournalist for different media companies such as Reuters, China Daily or Global Times. During these years, she photographed many street scenes and awakened her interest to different social issues present in contemporary China, especially the issue of arranged marriages. It became the central focus within her work. In 2016 she moved away from photojournalism and finished her MA at the London College of Communication in London.

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