Geert van Kesteren in former Koepel Prison

Geert van Kesteren launches his new project 'The Believers' with an exhibition in the former Koepel prison at BredaPhoto Festival. This project is a collaboration with Forhanna. The crowdfunding campaign is pending now at Voordekunst and closes June 17th.

About the project

Geert van Kesteren has travelled the Middle East for 25 years and is particular interested in the Holy Land as a pilgrimage for the traditional religions, and this new religion – that of the mighty Algorithm of Data. The Believers is a video installation constructed from 27 screens which will form a 12 meters long video wall, situated in the center of the former dome prison. The video installation will show ten chapters representing the human condition in relation to rituals and worship of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and how more recent global rituals -record, upload, share – feed the almighty algorithms.

A multidisciplinary practice

Through a multidisciplinary practice that bridges sound, video and photography the installation tackles the human agenda of faith in relation to technology. The Believers investigates the act of religious ritual and worship – the way people give up their authority to a higher power – to construct identity, to maintain relationships, and to gain power. The installation is constructed by huge screens which shows the video and art work of Geert van Kesteren. Geert collaborated on the video art with Noa Ben Shalom. The sounscape is especially designed for the former panopticon prison by Israeli sound artist Eli Shargo.

Join the crowd funding

The exhibition will be premiered at the BredaPhoto Festival and has been made possible with the generous help of the Forhanna foundation. Geert is still missing some funds to complete the project and build the installation. He started a crowd funding campaign which is pending until June 17. You can back this project via the website of VoorDeKunst.