Felipe Jácome


Felipe Jácome-CaminantesSince the beginning of the economic crisis in Venezuela, millions of inhabitants have fled the country to neighboring countries such as Colombia. Ecuadorian photographer Felipe Jácome wanted to capture this exodus, went to the border of Colombia and Venezuela and traveled 200 kilometers through Colombia with the Caminantes, which means walkers or travelers. He made portraits of the refugees and printed these on the almost worthless Venezuelan paper money. The Bolivar is worth so little that it is impossible to make ends meet with an average monthly salary. The paper money is therefore used to make bracelets and other simple objects.

Felipe Jácome (1985)

With completed studies at the London School of Economics and John Hopkins University in the United States, Ecuadorian photographer Felipe Jácome focuses on stories dealing with human rights and migration. He was selected in 2019 for the 6 × 6 Talent Program of World Press Photo and in 2010 won the Young Reporters prize of the International Red Cross. His work has been exhibited internationally and he regularly works for media such as National Geographic, The Guardian and CNN. Jácome lives in – and works from – the United States.

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