Elias Kaus


Elias KausDue to the hectic lifestyle in the urbanized society, people become more and more alienated from their natural environment. As a result, many people experience increasing stress and desire to escape from this urban environment and experience nature. It is precisely this experience of nature that allows people to feel part of a place or a community.
LOOK is a mix of visual elements and audio from nature, zoos and unnatural environments. To be fully immersed in the experience, the soundscape is an important part of the presentation. In contrast to visual stimuli, sounds are perceived passively and actively, allowing memories to resurface. And with that, the meaning of what nature is.

Elias Kaus (1991)

The Finnish visual artist Elias Kaus uses various media to create his vision of urbanization, natural and unnatural environments. He does not shy away from taking an activist stance. His work has been shown in various group exhibitions in Scandinavia. Kaus is currently studying at the Lahti University for Design in Southern Finland.