Elevate Talk: Meat Breeding Machine

Researcher Jonathan Breemhaar works at a startup MosaMeat on a real meat breeding machine. The reason was his realization that eating meat is one of the biggest environmental threats. And why not replace the animal as a meat supplier with a machine? In communication, transport and agriculture, animals have also been replaced by smartphones, cars, rockets, tractors and hydroponics.

Humans just like meat

With figures he substantiates the need to build a meat breeding machine. Every day, 200,000,000 animals are killed to serve as food for us. 30 percent of all land is needed to feed the animals that feed us. 18 percent of the greenhouse effect also comes from them. Of course, we can all become vegetarian or even vegan. But people just love meat. Meat substitutes cannot compete with that.

Meat breeding formula cowpacity

Breemhaar and his fellow researchers came to the conclusion that the satellite cell that repairs damaged muscle tissue by its rapid, with factor 2 cell division, would be a good starting point for growing meat. He even developed a meat farming formula, as the power of engines in horsepower is expressed. Something about the number of days a cow lives before it is slaughtered and its weight: see here the cowpacity that stands for the meat production of 400 grams per day. A machine has been built that can produce this, now with the size of a cow.

Healthy environment

Breemhaar sees the meat breeding machine as the link between respectfully dealing with animals and a healthy environment. According to him, the machine will be able to shrink in a not too long time due to technological innovations and the production speed will also increase. Until the time has come, everyone can help the environment by eating, yes indeed, less meat or meat substitutes.

Report: Carla van Gaalen