Elevate Talk: Jetson Fallacy and the upgraded human

Biohacker Peter Joosten focused on the audience with his theories about the upgraded human. Where he can, he already upgrades his own body. He has a chip implanted in his hand where he can keep his contacts, turn the light on and off and open and close the door. "How easy it would be if you could put your bank card, passport and driver's license on it." And he is not the only one. Tom van den Oudenaarden never has to think again if he has his public transportation card with him, because implanted. The English Niel Harbisson can hear colors thanks to an antenna in his head. Previously he could only see shades of gray.

TV series Black Mirror

Joosten refers to the black, satirical TV series Black Mirror, in which technology makes people superhuman. The series, for example, sketches a world in which almost all people have an implant at their ear, in which all their audiovisual memories are stored. These memories can be played back in their own head or on a screen at any time.

Jetson Fallacy

The Jetson Fallacy refers to the TV series from the seventies. A family with a father who works, a mother who shops and runs the household and a son and daughter, surrounded by robots, flying saucers in a futuristic world. Man does not change, the world around him does. Is that true? Already there are artists who are experimenting, such as performer Stelarc who grows an ear on his own arm. Or closer to our imagination: blade runner Pistorius who no longer wanted to participate in the Olympic Games for the disabled.

Upgrade ourselves

Joosten provides a world in which we all upgrade ourselves. Take a pill for the desired mood is the least unimaginable.
Deep Brain Stimulation is already being used in Parkinson’s disease. An implant is placed in the brain that helps to suppress vibration. The dark reverse side; the implant already caused a total change in character. An introverted, modest person turned into an extrovert and stealing shopaholic.
Should Bill Gates choose again in what area he wants to become great, he would choose biology and focus on DNA. There will be a new Gates who will do that.
Warfare is also being adapted, soon soldiers will be provided with bionic eyes and silent feet, and armies will be unbeatable.

Upgrading is the future

Joosten said that human upgrading can lead to a horizontal break between those who can and cannot afford it. Vertical dividing lines also arise: people who want to upgrade musically, or who want to be extra smart or sporty and live together in colonies. There will undoubtedly be a black market, because upgrades will be ethically reviewed and not all upgrades will be welcomed.
Upgrading is the future, if we are all moving forward is the question.

Report: Carla van Gaalen